Tau Matla started as a commodity trading company but recently looking into helping communities and oversees investors’ in working together with a goal to educate the general masses about the beauty within the mining industry with a focus on Africa. We aim to educate and give insightful, well-articulated facts-enriched across areas such as how mineral relates to humans’ daily living, entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry, country case study as well as, Empowering the poor.

Exploration Education

Mining exploration has left many communities in deplorable conditions ranging from livelihood sustenance to poor health facilities and poor road network. An assessment on the impact such companies’ operations have created, warrants considerable attention to unearth the realities of exploration effects on communities We as Tau Malta have embarked on a mission to change that ustainable development has been the strides many nations have been relentlessly working towards. Though encircled with quantum of challenges, achieving such component makes grater nations to design strategies on how to manage their resources judiciously to maintain a strategic level in the competitive landscape. Mining industries in developing countries have contributed towards economic growth. However, exploration exercises have damaged communities’ landscape and has made lands unfertile as a result of methods used in the exploration exercises Our business brings a positive message and relationship between the investors and the community.

In addition, poor medical facilities have resulted to numerous outbreaks and lack of quality education has led to many children dropping out of schools. As a result of the foregoing problems discovered as the negative impact mining explorations have created, it is but fitting for government and mining corporations to considerable pay attention to all communities and address such problems. We aim to empower communities help them get from green field to mining level where mining explorations are conducted. In addition, academics and mining consultants will use this information as a source of further investigation on the subject matter

Sustainable Development and Mining

Sustainable development in mining identifies numerous methodologies, analyse the scope and limits in relation to the role mineral resources play in the development of a country. The contribution of mineral resource towards the growth of a country raises many questions and is the subject of a rich and varied literature that can be classified into two distinct approaches The first approach state that wealth in mineral resources is not necessarily synonymous with economic development.

Several reviewed literatures support this approach and emphasised that, mining poses enormous risks to countries rich in mineral resources. The effects are destabilization of the social values of local population, disruption of natural ecological balances and strengthening of the country’s dependence on the export of minerals. Thus, the establishment of mining companies often leads to the arrival of new people, loss of accorded privileges to natives.

Losing control of a territory once acknowledged as inheritance could definitely nurture conflict. Industrial mining activity produces externalities for the host environment as such mining is associated with multiple negative externalities it generates The second approach notes that mining is a lever of economic development and can be triggered for the overall growth of the country’s economy We as Tau Matla hope to change the view communities have on investors and large mining firms our goal is to merge the two together and maintain the marriage through.

Mining exploration and community livelihood

When mining activities are not properly managed, the consequences will be degradation of soil, water, biodiversity and deforestation, which has diverse undesirable effects on the livelihood of the local population. Mining exploration’s negligence in the control of contamination, consequently, affect other economic activities including agricultural and fishing exercises Tau Matla employees industry experts to come in over look the process and give clear and honest studies that prevent the negligence.

Research design

Tau Matla examines the effects of exploration requires suitable methods of data collection to ascertain development in the conduct of this study. The conduct of an investigation requires a unique research design which shows a progressive path towards the achievement of research objectives. The absence of a constructive research design creates pursuits of diverse objectives which does not institute a sense of direction that should be followed to establish satisfactory and meaningful conclusion. However, this study employed descriptive quantitative and correlational research method, which is deemed suitable for the process since primary data obtain will address concerns of the subject matter in a scientific fashion and will enable readers and researchers to see the meaningfulness of the study.

Geology and Resources

We find, delineate, and estimate the size and quality of mineral deposits using tools that minimize risks, cut costs, and reduce time frames.

Base your decisions on our interpretation of the structural setting of ore deposits and our recommendations for specialized drilling, sampling, and assaying techniques. We offer practical courses and workshops for geologists in mineral exploration and mining tailored to the needs of your staff, geological environment, and exploration objectives.

We use 3D modelling software combined with statistical and geostatistical methods to model commodity distribution. Our experts integrate complex datasets to generate and refine targets and identify controls on mineralization. We map open pit and underground mines and improve grade control, ore reserve modelling, mine plans, and near mine drill targeting

Our team has a wealth of experience in working with most commodities and mineral occurrences for exploration, mining, and corporate clients and our reporting is in line with international codes.


Structural Geology

3D Geological Modelling

Mineral Resource Estimation

Mine Site Operational Assistance

Mineral Exploration

Add value to your project by using the latest exploration techniques and innovative technologies to design and implement your exploration programme. We review, assess, design, and implement exploration programmes to answer critical geological questions while adhering to exploration budgetary constraints.

Our geologists have expert knowledge of the mechanisms of orebody formation and distribution within a wide range of geological and tectonic settings. The exploration services we provide include target generation, field mapping and analysis, remote sensing and geophysics, geochemistry, mineral system modelling, exploration project management, audits and valuations, exploration strategy and governmental advice, health and safety guidance, and programme implementation.

We ensure effective application and interpretation of geology, geochemistry, and geophysics to generate and test exploration targets. Since “blind” orebodies are of increasing importance, we routinely use a mineral systems approach to assess prospectively and are at the forefront of technological advances in remote sensing, hyperspectral logging, data management, and machine learning. All our staff are highly proficient in 3D visualization using software such as GOCAD, GeoModeller, and Leapfrog and in creating and working with advanced exploration databases.

Our specialists comply with CIM, JORC, and other internationally recognized best practices and reporting requirements. Our internal reviews and the independent technical reports we produce for worldwide stock exchanges, banks, and private investors are held in high regard.


Mineral Exploration Targeting

Remote Sensing and Geophysics

Exploration Geochemistry

Field Structural Analysis

Mineral Exploration Project Planning

Exploration Sampling, Analysis, and QA/QC

Mineral Exploration Field Services

Exploration Operation Health and Safety

Exploration Project Audit and Valuation

Mine Mapping

Our technical experts work on behalf of our clients, independently or alongside their geologists, to complete geological fieldwork and advance their projects through all phases of exploration.

We can deploy our highly experienced geologists, geophysicists, and other specialists to establish an in-country footprint and, if necessary, lead exploration campaigns on our client's behalf. Our in-country field services include providing full, turn-key, project management and organising logistics, safety and security, camp construction, local staffing and training, and administration. This allows geologists working on the project to focus fully on the technical aspects of finding mineral deposits.


  • Project planning, permitting, and implementation

  • Field camp design and construction

  • Drilling contracting and contract management

  • Geological and structural field mapping

  • Regolith mapping

  • Artisanal mining reviews

  • Logging, sampling, QA/QC, and chain of custody implementation

  • Ground geophysical survey design and data acquisition

  • Geochemical sampling programming

  • QA/QC protocol design

  • Onsite staff training


Identify and assess mine design risks and geotechnical domains controlled by structural geology

Our geotechnical professionals have extensive experience in designing and operating stable underground mine workings, pit slopes, tunnels, road cuttings, and tailings dams. By providing clear, comprehensive design options and assessing their associated time- and mining-related risks, we will help you make informed decisions based on your specific needs and risk profile.

Our teams of experts include geotechnical, civil, soil, and rock mechanics engineers as well as engineering geologists, all of whom work closely with our structural geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, tailings, environmental, mine engineering, and mine closure groups. This integrated approach enables us to develop effective and innovative solutions to our clients’ specific problems.

We work in environments ranging from equatorial to permafrost at surface, shallow, and deep levels and have expertise in diverse mineral commodities, including base and precious metals, coal, iron ore, bauxite, diamonds, and industrial minerals. Our specialists also have multiple-method mining and infrastructure experience and design and implement support systems to deal with accelerated erosion from construction, ground disturbances, and waste disposal.

By delivering pragmatic, fit-for-purpose solutions, we will add value to your operation.


Geotechnics for Mining Infrastructure

Mining Geotechnical Investigation

Underground Rock Mechanics

Pit Slope Stability

Geotechnical Numerical Modelling

Geotechnical Operational Support

Mining Project Evaluation

Mitigate risks and maximise value through comprehensive, independent studies and reviews by multidisciplinary global experts

When you plan a new mine or investment, our worldwide team of multidisciplinary specialists can provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to your viability studies (including scoping, feasibility and prefeasibility), due diligence reviews, economic evaluations, and risk assessments.

Based on a thorough understanding of underlying issues and professional judgement, our experienced global consultants offer technically-sound opinions and achievable solutions that take account of associated risks. Local project leaders specialize in coordinating and integrating information to appraise you of the technical issues within a business context and are well versed in international disclosure standards.

Our independent and objective advice helps you to generate value, maximize profits, and adhere to reporting and regulatory guidelines.

Mining Risk Assessment

Manage your risks and reap the rewards

As global leaders in technical due diligence, we routinely help clients assess their project risks and opportunities. This involves identifying and analysing all technical and non-technical issues facing an enterprise then defining mitigation measures to bring the risks to an acceptable level. Each management decision can then be based on this risk analysis process as well as best practices and corporate governance standards.

One of our strengths is our technical specialists’ ability to integrate risk management tools with analyses of technical information and to relate the resulting data to financial, environmental, community, and health and safety objectives. This provides a solid foundation on which you can make well-informed, defensible decisions on how best to use your available budget or investment capital.

Our proficiency in applying complex risk tools is balanced by our broad experience and sound judgement. Through appropriate cost-benefit and risk-cost analyses, we help you assess options and make operational and development decisions that will reduce uncertainties with your project’s cash flow.


Risk analysis and risk assessment

Failure mode, effect, and criticality analysis

Enterprise risk assessment and management

Technical-economic model risk analysis

Design, construction, and operation schedule audits

Equipment selection validation

Risk management workshop facilitation

Cost-benefit analysis

Decision analysis

Mine Engineering

Advance and optimize your project by working with multidisciplinary experts who offer diverse, comprehensive, worldwide experience

Successful mining projects require a combination of technical and managerial expertise. Our unbiased advice to clients is based on our extensive knowledge and our comprehensive practical experience.

Having a global, internal network of multidisciplinary specialists enables us to fill gaps between speciality fields, reduce risks to clients, and produce solid, practical mine plans. Our experience with all types of mining projects on every continent, from resource estimation through to mine decommissioning, ensures innovative, cost effective, and environmentally acceptable solutions.

We offer an independent, technically detailed perspective on your project’s feasibility at all stages of mine development and operation. Existing operations benefit from our due diligence reviews and our audit and engineering services, through which we optimize output, analyse and reduce risk, and improve safety while maximising profitability.


Open Pit Mine Design, Planning, and Engineering

Underground Mine Design, Planning, and Engineering

Mining Geology for Planning and Optimization

Mining Economics and Finance

Mining Operation Assistance

Mine Simulation

Cave Mining

Mine Ventilation